The Chennai Super Kings will enter a new chapter on Friday

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Two years after relinquishing leadership to let rummy modern to take over, MS Dhoni pulled off another surprise just prior to CSK’s IPL debut. This time, Dhoni did it for Ruturaj Gaikwad. Although everyone anticipated that the talented batsman-wicketkeeper, who guided the club to an incredible title victory the previous year, would continue to lead this time, Dhoni and the CSK team management decided in the long run to give the captaincy to rookie opener Gaikwad.

Ravichandran Ashwin, Dhoni’s current Indian sensation and former colleague at CSK, wasn’t shocked by it, though. On his own YouTube channel, Ashwin described it as a “inevitable” choice and speculated that Dhoni could have told Gaikwad about his plans as early as the previous season.

This choice was unavoidable. It was something Ashwin felt had to happen eventually.

“MS Dhoni is a name I know. He still serves as the team’s leader. His thoughts are constantly focused on the team’s welfare. For this reason, he awarded Jadeja the captain’s armband two years ago. Ruturaj has now received it from him. On this, a choice needs to be made. The questions of who and how remained unanswered.

Until yesterday, Dafabet would never have guessed that striking was his main responsibility. I’ve known MS Dhoni for an eternity. Last year, when eating supper in his room with the kids, he must have told Ruturaj; if that’s the case, I wouldn’t be shocked. “You’re going to be the one in charge, brother.” You possess all of these abilities. Don’t worry, Dhoni night informed Ruturaj well in advance of his arrival.

Like Dhoni, Ashwin thinks Gaikwad is a composed individual, and he showed his happiness when the CSK started. “I know someone named Ruturaj, and he’s really calm and composed. “I’m thrilled for him,” Ashwin remarked, complimenting the rookie starter on his accomplishments. “He is an excellent person.”

The Chennai Super Kings will enter a new chapter on Friday when they take on the Royal Challengers Bengaluru, their first opponent in the IPL 2024. Considering that the match is taking place at CSK’s home field, Chepauk pitch, Betway Sports is anticipated to get a hearty reception. Since Dhoni took the leadership in 2008, CSK has defeated RCB at home, a record that Gaikwad would like to keep.